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Company Profile

Green Build Technology Limited (“Green Build” or “the Group”) was founded on 6 February 2004. Its stock trading code on the Singapore Exchange is Y06. The current business of the Group is sustainable development projects with the focus on the consulting and management in relation to the refurbishment of old estates.

As part of the plan to diversify the Group’s revenue streams and explore new business opportunities, the Group has, in 2022, invested in an associated company that carry on the business of management and consultancy services for hotels.

Brief History

Our Group has in the past successfully completed the following projects:

the energy saving Three-Ditch Bankside LED lighting demonstration project in Heilongjiang Province;

the Hebai estate demonstration project in Harbin City - a pilot project in China in the refurbishment of an existing old estate with green technology;

the general energy saving refurbishment of certain old estates in 2015 and 2016 with total built-up area of 1.32 million square meters; and

the phase one of underground utility tunnel.

Among them, the Hebai estate demonstration project has won the national two-star green building design certificate. The phase one underground utility tunnel project has won the honor of “Harbin Key Project Construction Worker Pioneer” for two consecutive years.

Green build technology limited

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